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While there are plenty of elevator companies in Kerala, Mikoto Elevators stands out from the crowd because we follow consumer demands and stay up-to-date with industry trends. The team we have is very professional. There is a great deal of variety within our brand. Our main goal is always quality; quantity is not our top priority. We use premium-quality materials in our manufacturing. 


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Mikoto Elevators, continues to grow rapidly in the industry and we embrace every opportunity which fuels our continuously growing portfolio. We are proud to have several key personnel including senior management officials and technical experts who have previously been associated with various major players in the elevator industry.

Our state-of-the-art elevator products offer superb performance, reliability as well as aesthetics and sophistication. We have a large range of specialized elevators to choose from, including elevators designed for Hospitals, Shopping Complexes, High Rise Buildings, Residential Houses as well as Vehicle Elevators and more.

Offering complete flexibility we can modify our products and design to meet our clients’ needs and specifications from our wide range of products. Whether it’s maintenance, modernization or new installation you can depend on Mikoto to deliver quality services that will exceed expectations. We are also very passionate about maintaining and extending the life cycle of our customer’s valuable assets.

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