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Design & Consultation

Our team of experts worked closely with you to create unique lift and elevator solutions that satisfy your unique requirements while skillfully balancing efficiency, style, and utility.

Installation and Maintenance

To keep your lift or elevator running at its best year-round, our qualified professionals guarantee a seamless and accurate installation. This is followed by thorough maintenance services.


We develop elevators of the finest quality while complying by the strictest safety laws and industry requirements. We do this by utilizing premium materials and modern technology.

Modernization & Upgrades

With our modern and upgrade solutions, which are designed to maximize efficiency and improve the lifespan of your existing lift or elevator, you may enhance its performance, safety, and aesthetics.

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Whether you’re an architect, developer, or building owner, let’s collaborate to elevate your

Passenger Elevator

We're dedicated to build passenger elevators that not only transport people but elevate every moment of their experience.

Elevator Products Kerala

Service and Goods Elevator

Our goods elevators are designed to meet every need of modern businesses, from factory floors and stores to warehouses and distribution centers.

Elevator Products Kerala

Automobile Elevator

From luxury car showrooms and parking garages to residential complexes and car dealerships, our automobile elevators provide a smart solution for transporting vehicles between different levels.
Elevator Products Kerala

Home Elevator

With seamless access to every level of your home in a stylish, comfortable, and safe manner, our home elevators are designed with elegance and perfection.

Elevator Products Kerala

Observation Elevator

With ample cabin space and plush seating options, passengers can relax and enjoy the view in style and comfort.

Elevator Products Kerala


An outstanding choice for both commercial and residential usage, the Dumbwaite offers convenience and style to Hotels, shops, Textiles, cafes, warehouses, offices, houses, flats, and other property types.
Elevator Products Kerala

Industrial Elevator

With robust construction, advanced technology, and customizable configurations, we deliver solutions that maximize efficiency and reliability.

Elevator Products Kerala

Commercial Elevator

With a network of partners and suppliers, we have the capabilities to deliver commercial elevators to projects of any size and scale, anywhere in Kerala.

Elevator Products Kerala

Hospital Bed Elevator

Our hospital bed elevators are designed to satisfy the requirements of healthcare environments, from operating rooms and emergency rooms to patient wards and critical care units.
Elevator Products Kerala

Escalators and Moving Walkers

Offers a seamless and comfortable experience for pedestrians, allowing them to move effortlessly between different levels with ease and convenience.


Trusted Elevator Company in Kerala

We offer a wide range of state-of-the-art products sourced from renowned manufacturers around the world.